Meet the crew

Principal Investigator

Rosaline Canessa, PhD., Associate Professor, Geography, University of Victoria. Project lead. Research lies at the interface of social science and science in the management of coastal environments. Relevant research focuses on understanding coastal residents’ connection to the coast, and developing and evaluating spatial decision support tools to support coastal planning, particularly in collaborative settings with multiple stakeholders. Dr. Canessa currently holds separate SHSRC grants in marine geovisualization and community mapping. (rosaline(at)

Co-Principal Investigators

Rodolphe Devillers, PhD., Associate Professor, Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Research focuses on marine geomatics from natural and social science perspectives, supported by SSHRC, NSERC, NCE, CFI, etc. Relevant research focuses on developing new marine 3D data structures and developing new visualization techniques to communicate and analyze marine data to both experts and non-experts. (rdevill(at)

Patrick O’Hara, PhD., Adjunct Associate Professor, Biology, University of Victoria and Research Scientist, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada. Relevant research focuses on modeling anthropogenic impacts, particularly from marine vessels, on marine birds. This has included modeling marine traffic on the Pacific coast in relation to chronic oil spills. (Patrick.O’Hara(at)

Stan Matwin, PhD., Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1), Computer Science; Director of the Institute for Big Data Analytics, Dalhousie University. Relevant research focuses on satellite AIS data for intelligent maritime solutions. His research aims to interact between university-based research and industrial research and development. (stan.matwi(at)


Steve Insley, PhD., Research Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, Whitehorse. Relevant research focuses on direct and indirect anthropogenic noise impacts on animals. He is currently setting up a long-term marine mammal and marine vessel monitoring program in the eastern Beaufort Sea region. (sinsley(at)

Francis Juanes, PhD., Liber Ero Professor of Fisheries, Biology Department, University of Victoria. Relevant research in passive acoustics applications to fisheries with an emphasis on the effects of noise on fish sound production both in deep sea and coastal waters. (juanes(at)

Ronald Pelot, PhD., Professor, Maritime Activity & Risk Investigation Network (MARIN), Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University. Relevant research focuses on maritime spatial risk assessment and analysis particularly in relation to maritime transportation, incident analyses, and spill evaluation using geomatics. (Ronald.Pelot(at)

William Halliday, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Arctic Beringia Program, WCS Canada. William’s work is focused on assessing the impacts of climate change on the marine acoustic landscape in the eastern Beaufort Sea, with a specific focus on marine mammals such as bowhead whales. William completed his PhD at the University of Ottawa, where he studied habitat selection by snakes and beetles. Before this, William completed his HBSc and MSc at Lakehead University, where he developed an enthusiasm for Arctic research while studying habitat selection by lemmings in the Canadian Arctic over four summers.

Paul Cottrell, Marine Mammals Coordinator, Pacific Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Current research focuses on acoustic monitoring of marine mammals and marine vessels using stationary hydrophones to protect marine mammals at risk. (Paul.Cottrell(at)

Highly Qualified Personnel and Students

Simone Cominelli, MSc. Student, Memorial University

Richard Casey Hilliard, MSc., Research Associate, Dalhousie University

Lauren McWhinnie, PhD., Post Doc, University of Victoria

Norma Serra Sogas, MSc., Research Associate, University of Victoria

Project Partners

For a complete list of partners click here.

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